When it all comes down to it, June is pretty much a mix of hot and cold weather, as the rains start pouring in almost randomly through the day. But even then, a little bit of rain won’t stop you from enjoying fresh tracks from your favorite local artists.

We got some new tunes to redefine June 2017. From James Reid‘s “Cool Down,” crwn and Clara Benin‘s first collaboration on “Sailing,” Hansom‘s exciting back to school video “Stretching,” to another offering from BillboardPH Top 20 Chart topper Iñigo Pascual, it’s safe to say this past month has been rather interesting. Now it’s up to you to help the BillboardPH team determine which track deserves the title of “Fresh Pick” for the month of June.

Below is a Spotify playlist for your listening, containing most of the candidates for June’s“Fresh Pick.” [Note: Only Spotify releases are included in the playlist.]

Let us know what your “Fresh Pick” for the month of June is by answering the poll below! You may vote once per day. Voting period ends July 8 at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Can you feature Daryl Ong’s Stay please in your page? Daryl’s Stay was became number 1 song in iTunes Ph and all radio station here in the Philippines. Thank you.

  2. toinks by maymay nakaka goodvibes.. . ang ganda ng beat ng kanta at mapapasayaw ka pa… toinks toinks toinks wag judgemental masyado

  3. Toinks by Maymay Entrata
    Such a very inspiring person with a song that everyone can relate to with its meaning. Coño or not we are all guilty of the songs lyrics. This deserves a spot.

  4. Vote for Cool Down! Written and self-produced by our bb boi cinnamon roll James Reid. Viva gave him free rein on his latest album, Palm Dreams. It’s his story, his vision, from the words to the MV. He worked so hard for this with his friends. Amazing everything! His vocals, beats by Paulo Tiongson, cover art/photog by Henzon Lee and Andrei Suleik. Support these true artistes!

  5. Voting for Cool Down by James not only because I am a JaDine fan. More than shipping this OTP, the one half of it deserves his music and passion to be heard and known. This is his passion project and we believe in his talent and ambition.

    A Must Read:


    James’ answer was Palm Dreams, a forthcoming self-produced album, in which James sings about getting away from it all. James wrore the lyrics for the songs and did the vocals. He and Paulo, a rapper and music producer, worked on the songs on an old beaten-up laptop, in their homes in Australia and the Philippines. Danyl, meanwhile, is an New York-based fashion editor who has worked with EXO’s Sehun, Naomi Campbell, Coco Rocha, and more, and he’s came on board to help James build his image and style (hopefully, Danyl says, to the K-Pop star G-Dragon-like levels).

    PAULO (James’ friend and collaborator): Funny thing about this project is that you’d think it was a really big budget, like an extravagant, crazy thing. But I think 80% of the project was just done by James and I shirtless with broken aircons in a one-bedroom apartment on a really dirty, broken laptop where the screen wasn’t even functioning. We’d have to plug the HDMI cable into the TV. I didn’t even have a mouse back then. You can have that type of ear and that type of sound, but if you’ve got the talent, you can make it happen.

    Pretty much the whole album was made on really cheap Windows laptops with occasional guitar parts for me. And sometimes I’d take James’s voice and put it into programs so it would sound like instruments.