This past Monday, Warner Music Philippines partnered with FM radio station Wish 107.5 to celebrate the latest Charlie Puth single “Attention” with the aid of the astounding and equally attention-grabbing Wishbus. Essentially a radio booth on wheels and equipped for live music performances, the Wishbus was parked outside Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The Wish 107.5 Wishbus itself can attract Attention

While Puth himself was not present, select Warner Music Philippines artists performed in a mini-concert and injected their mini-sets with a Charlie Puth cover. The performances inside the Wishbus were of course broadcast live on-air and live-streamed on Facebook.

The Wishbus can go on-air and online simultaneously

A pair of Charlie Puth standees did provide fans the chance to do virtual– and comical– photo opps.

Perhaps Puth’s dentist is only One Call Away. The man does have beautiful teeth

Inside the Wishbus, Wish DJ Robin Nievera was the host; Wish DJ Alice handled the mini-stage outside.

From inside the bus, Nievera asked the crowd, with typical deadpan irreverence, “Wait, what do you Charlie Puth fans call yourselves? Puthers?”

Wish 107.5 DJ and ace guitarist Robin Nievera

The event kicked off with a solo performance by Wacky who played with a guitar and loop pedals.

Rain poured mightily just as the returning-to-the-scene soul siren Nina started her performance, thankfully, inside the Wishbus.  Nevertheless, fans were able to take shelter and viewed Nina’s set via the LED screen on the mini-stage and PA system.The mini-stage was dismantled and then reassembled inside the mall, which meant an on-the-spot overhaul of the event’s programming and tone.

But the show must go on, and did.

Cosplayer, gamer, and Midnight Meetings vocalist Ashley Gosiengfiao covered “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with bandmate/guitarist Kiddo Guevarra.

Ashley Gosiengfiao’s take on “We Don’t Talk Anymore” had both power and the feels
Midnight Meetings’ Kiddo Guevarra also plays with Dhruva Tara and was a member of Tanya Markova

Leanne And Naara , the perpetually cheerful acoustic duo, covered “Marvin Gaye.”

Vocalist/guitarist Naara and vocalist/keyboardist Leanne

Inside the Uptown Mall lobby where the mini-stage was reconstructed, performances resumed with Alt-rock upstarts Alpha Caeli.

Alpha Caeli

Pop-rock quintet AboutRadio went acoustic for their set.


Alternative rock troop Altitude.7 played in the Wishbus and inside the Uptown lobby. As the rain calmed, scores of uniformed schoolgirls swooned and hungrily took pictures outside the bus.

Altitude.7, all seven of em, squeezed into the Wishbus…
…and the mini-stage

Singer/songwriter Monique delivered an impassioned set that was latently feral.

Vinyl copies of Puth’s debut album Nine Track Mind were given away to lucky fans. The album peaked at number 6 in the Billboard 200.

Since its release in April, “Attention” has gone silver in the UK and has given Puth his fifth Top 40 hit after “One Call Away,” “Marvin Gaye,” “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” and the ubiquitous hit collab with Wiz Khalifa “See You Again.” It is also the carrier single for his upcoming sophomore album and the video has reached 155 million-plus views on YouTube.