The environment surrounding musical collaboration is nothing new to artists DJ Carlo Atendido and freestyle rapper Curtismith. Each through their own experiences, have expanded their comfort zone when it comes to working with other artists.

As depicted all over Atendido’s social media, he’s worked with Skarm and Hip Hop International Worlds champion dance crew A Team. Curtismith has also worked with Skarm, and has his own collection of collaboration work with producers and artists: Kiana Valenciano, AJMW Gio Quintos, Jess Connelly, CRWN, Tom Misch, Manila Killa, Frank SVG, Simian, and more.

“The DJ – MC connection used to be really tight before,” says Atendido. “Back in the day, MC’s would hype up the DJ and rap on how skilled they are. Now, it’s a different story. Hip Hop DJ’s are now just in the background. I’m trying to change that.”


In the video, DJ Atendido features a beat from XXXTENTACION‘s first and highest-charting single “Look At Me,” which debuted at #95 on US Billboard Hot 100 for the chart dated February 25, 2017 and eventually peaked at number 34.

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Curtismith and Carlo Atendido | Photo by Vince Cabrera

The two artists met through in a Red Bull event. “We always talked about doing a collab together, and finally after a couple of months we made it happen. I met him in a gig, and asked if he would still be game for the collab and he was like “hells yeah”. So we talked through Facebook on what we wanted to do. He submitted his beat, I fixed it up and added some scratching […]. It was pretty fun because the MC-DJ thing really died off back in the day, and as a DJ I would like to make a difference and bring back that tighter relationship back.”

As a DJ I would like to make a difference and bring back that tighter relationship back.

“I contacted Curtismith to align with this vision of mine. He wanted to do a freestyle and I wanted to get some space to do a few cuts, and this is what we came up with. It’s not about who get’s the lime light, it’s about expressing our art, together, to bring back a musical experience from a bygone era.”

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Curtismith and Carlo Atendido | Photo by Vince Cabrera

Curtismith is not the only artist Atendido reached out to in order to execute his vision. “We got Vince Cabrera to shoot, and just recorded the whole thing live at the Mazda Warehouse. BillboardPH spoke with video director and film maker Vince Cabrera for a second perspective.


Before working with Carlo Atendido what previous experience have you had collaborating with other musicians?
Carlo was the first musician I’ve ever worked with actually. I’ve had a few inquiries in the recent days from various musicians: other DJs, singers, and bands. I’m really excited to explore the local music industry and put my personal style and taste into collaborating with other artists!
Who’s idea was it to produce these live session videos? What inspired this collaboration?
The idea was from Carlo. It’s been a long time since we’ve been eyeing on creating content together with other artists. It was this year when we decided to just get out there and do it. No hesitations!
We heard you’re a DJ yourself. Does you experience as a DJ in any way influence your work process when shooting or directing for musicians?
Yes, I began DJing in 2007 all the way until around 2013. It was in 2013 where I decided to put DJing aside and go full time into video production. My experience as a DJ definitely helps when shooting or directing for musicians. DJing back in the day taught me how to feel out music. There’s no specific or technical way to teach how to vibe right with music and incorporating it into videos. It’s just a feeling I learned to grow with as an aspiring DJ back in the day!
You expressed that there will be a second video coming out next week. Would you mind sharing what fans can expect from the second video?
Next week’s video is our official collab video with Mazda Philippines! We’ve been blessed to have such great support from the people from Mazda Philippines for always helping us out! It’ll be a good one!
After this project, what are your immediate plans as a filmmaker? Are there any specific artists you’d like to work with in the future?
I’m always trying to come up with new and original content that entertains and inspires people. That’s always my motivation behind every video I do. I’m also a huge gamer so I’ve  been doing a lot of original video content with gaming. I started a gaming show on YouTube called Local Play and started streaming on Twitch. I’m always trying to do new things and expanding my world in video production. Trying to mesh all the things I love into entertaining original content. I also have some plans of doing original shorts while collaborating with other filmmakers. As for future artists I want to work with, I’ve always wanted to collaborate with CRWN since I’m a really huge fan of his work. Other than that, I’m open to trying out new genres in music! Jazz has always been an interesting one for me.

DJ Carlo Atendido teases fans about the second video. “Expect a more PG-13 friendly version. Haha. The next video is a more commercial rap, DJ thing.” He describes in a caption, “In this video I jam with a fliptop rapper celebrity, Skarm. Him, and I just meet in a random afternoon to discuss life and potential collabs. We eventually chose to walk the talk , and do an impromptu music video.”

Both Curtismith and Carlo Atendido are scheduled to perform at the Manila X Festival this coming May 27, 2017 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds among other artists: William Singe, Bamboo, KZ Tandingan, Kiana Valenciano, Sam Concepcion, Jess Connelly, Franco, Saydie, The Juans, Tukar Sinati, A Team, Patty Tiu, Ron Poe, and Tom Taus.