On the first episode of Kai Honasan and Eco Del Rio’s The Road to Del Rio Grande, the newly engaged couple talk about their origin story, going back to the days when Honasan wasn’t exactly fond of Del Rio.

“We were only together for a year before we decided to get married,” the Autotelic keyboardist reveals. One of the questions people brought up about them getting married so soon is if Honasan is pregnant, but she clears it up in the video saying, “No, I’m not pregnant. […] I’m just chubby.”

The video puts the couple in a laid back light, with Del Rio (who plays bass for Chicosci) eating pancakes while Honasan tells their story before cutting away to Honasan applying a facial mask on him as part of their preparations for their wedding. “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” Honasan says. “More than us telling you about our love story, our wedding, one thing that I’m also into is getting healthy and getting fit. […] We have the wedding now, which is a goal, so we’re gonna take you through our wedding fitness regimen, stuff like that.”

Autotelic and Chicosci are both currently working on their next studio albums, and Honasan reveals that their little web series will soon take viewers behind the scenes of their lives as professional musicians.

Watch the video below: