“Something that is close to my heart has always been musical theatre, so being able to put that on screen was a joy.” We get a glimpse of Graceson as he showcases his theatrical side in his La La Land inspired music video for his single “Beautiful Accident” relased under Warner Philippines.

As the story opens, Graceson walks in and positions himself against a neutrally lit background. Accompanying the first wave guitar picking in the track, is a sequence of rack focus shots introducing various angles of the musician. The relaxed interaction between subtly placed strings and personal lyrics create a “push-and-pull” dynamic which prepares the visual for storytelling.

As a new sound elements are introduced, new characters are introduced as well. A daring and more adventurous side of Graceson is revealed when he takes on choreography by Noreen Claire Efondo who also appears in the video. An open ending leaves viewers with that familiar feeling of curiosity after encountering a something new.