The new “Sigurado” visual featuring Terrace House star Mizuki Shida wasn’t the only thing UDD unveiled on Saturday night (Oct. 7).

The Terno Recordings act, who have been working in the studio for their upcoming self-titled album, revealed their latest take on the track “Tambalan” at the show in Venice Piazza, Taguig. “Tambalan” (formerly called “Tayong Dalawa”) had already been seen on UDD’s setlist, but the band decided to take it out to revise it.

Guitarist Carlos Tañada revealed to BillboardPH that the change “could’ve been [his] fault,” saying that he was responsible for changing the whole thing. “But it’s okay, ’cause everyone agreed to my version. We were already playing it live last year but stopped since I changed it. I thought it would be better if [it were] less electronic and [had] more organic instruments.”

Watch the clip below: