It took about five to six years for WilaBaliW to write their latest release “Jack Stone,” and on Monday (May 29), the super group finally unveiled the track online with a self-produced visual.

“Parang naging mga anim na kanta siya bago namin na decide na ito na yung pinakafinal output na pwede namin gawin sa kanta,” frontman Ian Tayao explains why it took so long for the song to take form. From starting out tuned to drop C and carrying a completely different set of lyrics, Tayao and drummer Jesso Montero shaped the song together to give it more of a WilaBaliW take, as Montero reveals it initially sounded more like a Queso song. After sharing the track with guitarist Louis Isok and bassist Niño Avenido, it went through more “drastic” changes.

Directed by Tayao and Jeremy Abaño, the video was shot in a green screen environment at Kweba Studio. Tayao admits that they didn’t exactly have a concept in mind for the video, and left it in the hands of Abaño. “Pagdating ko sa Kweba, naka-set up na lahat,” Abaño says. “Naka-set up na yung green screen, dala ko yung camera. [Doon namin] sinimulan.”

The “Jack Stone” visual made its debut on May 20th at the second DDS Gathering in Mandala Park.

Watch the visual below:

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of WilabaliW’s “Jack Stone” below: