Sharing answers for BillboardPH’s #WomenInMusic today is bassist / singer Isa Romualdez. The lead vocalist behind Fools And Foes reveals her role models and what she admires in her favorite female musicians.

Isa Romualdez of Fools and Foes
Isa Romualdez of Fools and Foes

In your opinion, why do you think there are fewer female musicians than male musicians?

Are there? I suppose there are. But lately I think it’s already evening out and that’s a great thing! Anyway, to answer the question, I’m not quite sure. I suppose it’s because of the traditional notion that it’s not ladylike to be in a band? But I’m fortunate enough to never get that from my family.

Who’s your favorite female musician and what do you admire the most about her?

I have so many favorite female musicians!! But at the moment, it’s Jenny Lee Lindberg, the bassist of Warpaint. I love her bass lines and the way she moves when she plays. You can tell she’s just naturally her cool self, enjoying what she’s doing, and dresses the way she wants to even though it can seem weird at times. One time she played in a onesie! Amazing.

What is the unique role of women in the creation of music?

I’m not quite sure. I think in this sense, men and women are equal. We all have the equal ability to create music. Does that make sense?

Who is/are the female role model/s that you think people should look up to and why?

Joan of Arc! Imagine a woman, during the Hundred Years’ War, born in a family of peasants, was a heroine of France! She must be pretty bad ass to be a FEMALE warrior during those times!

Which song best describes you as a woman?

Grace Kelly by Mika